Why clay as Building Material?

A healthy living environment especially requires the use of the right building materials. In general, building materials are strongly influencing the indoor climate and quality of living.

One of the main being the fact that Clay Facing / Exposed bricks as a building material is ideal for tropical conditions in our subcontinent. Clay when fired leads to a porous structure which are filled with air when dry thus providing the best of the insulation properties largely useful to regulate the temperature (keeping cool in summers and warm in winters).

Clay Facing Bricks is a healthy solution for modern day building construction. The structures made up of the clay have proven themselves for their versatility and endurance for ages. Looking into the current volatility of the manufacturing cost of cement, Clay proves to be the most cost efficient and sustainable.

Vintage bricks manufacture natural, environmentally friendly yet technologically advanced specialized clay products to address this precise need for genuine clay based building material. The design of the product itself has been made keeping sustainability in mind with optimal usage of natural resources and energy with a very high level of automation enabling large scale production to cater to the growing demand from this segment in India and abroad.

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