5 Reasons Why Terracotta Bricks Are Perfect For Your Home

The building material can strongly
influence the indoor climate and quality of living. So, choosing the right
building brick and tile becomes a very important process in the whole building

Terra-cotta was widely used as building-brick, roof tiles, sarcophagi, and was often decorated with paintings throughout the ancient world. As a building material,

What are Wire Cut Bricks?

Different bricks are categorized by the material and make. Wire cut bricks or extruded bricks are made using a modern method of manufacturing. These bricks are made in the factory and are cut using wire cutters to get the shape of the brick.

Wire Cut Bricks

Clay is formed into a large,

Bricks For Restaurant

5 Stunning Brick Types for Beautiful Hotel Interiors

Brick interiors are ageless and give a feeling of warmth and
elegance. Widely used in shops, restaurants, pubs and bars to add character,
bricks are also a great way to easily customize restaurant interiors. Applying bricks for hotel
interiors help add a bit of freshness and natural appearance to otherwise
boring interiors. The
brick walls will make you feel as if you have been moved to another time and bring
the natural warmth to any space.