Advantages of Facing bricks

Vintage facing bricks are the right choice when you want to have a building material that looks better, for far longer and with less maintenance, than many other building materials.

Facing bricks do come with a lot of advantages
  • Facing bricks / Wire cut bricks are highly resistant to all kinds of weather conditions – especially freeze-thaw cycles – and consequently ensure the durability of the products and their colouring.
  • Facing bricks / Wire cut bricks are applied as new architectural design elements. The combination of diverse colours, shapes and surface textures ( Smooth / Rustic ) allows a wide range of design options and guarantees an eye-catching appearance. The façade’s charisma will assure you of the lasting value and enduring design quality.
  • Facing bricks / Brick tiles are pure natural products made of clay that satisfy all requirements on environmentally friendly construction in a way that hardly any other building material can match. Vintage Facing Brick places the greatest value on sparing resources and minimising environmental impact throughout the entire manufacturing process.
  • Firing at exceptionally high temperatures ensures that the exposed bricks are resistant to fire and never contribute to the spread of fire.
  • There is no need for further maintenance provided that the installation was carried out properly. Vintage Facing brick products retains its aesthetic appeal throughout the year and its value in the long term.
  • Our products successfully combine technology and ecology, which taking economic efficiency and affordability into consideration. The improved thermal insulation provides a cool and comfortable indoor climate.

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